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My Steam Links 


Here you'll find some websites that hold a wealth of information for anyone interested in toy steam.

All of the sites listed below belong to my friends and are some of the most respected names in toy steam.

You can meet them all simply by joining the premier steam forum :-WWW.MAMODFORUMS.CO.UK


Moosemans Site  On this site you'll find my good friend Odilon, or as he is better known, MooseMan. Moose and his site have been, and continue to be ,an inspiration to me and many others. Drop in and enjoy one of the best and most popular sites on the web.


The Temple Of Steam  Here you'll find another good friend of mine.  I've met Roger in person, as he drove around 350 miles just to see me when I visited Detroit. Roger's site is a goldmine of information and tips and is one of the most comprehensive on the web. Don't miss it.


Mamodsteam  This site is run by Mamodman, as I always think of him. He is one of the first and firmest friends I made when I took up the hobby. It gave me great pleasure to meet him in person at the S.T.I.A. last February. MM is the man to ask about anything Mamod. Drop in to his site for a wealth of tips and information.


Roly Williams   One of the most respected names in the toy steam world, Roly's site should not be missed. Find time to visit this site and you'll find all the info you could wish for. If you're new to the hobby or you just want a good read, look up Rolys book.


James's Steam Engine Collection    Run by a quite remarkable youngster (James Chantry) who's enthusiasm for our hobby cannot be denied. It is amazing that at the tender age of 13 years, he founded the most popular steam toy forum on the web, WWW.MAMODFORUMS.CO.UK  James has an extensive collection. Drop in and see it.

Australian Toy Steam This site is run by my friend Tony Muir from Ozz. Here you'll find information on the Australian developments in toy steam. Pop in for something that bit different.


Mirkos Site.  Although this site is in german, Mirko has a comprehensive collection of european toy steam engines that cannot be missed. Pop in and see what I mean.


Bucket Of Steam    Run by another good friend of mine, and an avid toy steam collector, Les Marsh. Here you'll find an Alladins cave of engines and accessories, some of which are rareties and much sought after. Well designed and easy to browse, this is one not to miss.


Psantama's Site    Here you'll find the site of Psantama, who builds the finest toy steam generators you can buy. Drop into his site and see for yourself.


The Mamod and Toy Steam Hospital

Got a Mamod or other steam toy that requires some attention? Look no further than The Mamod AndToy Steam Hospital.

Karl does great restoration work at reasonable prices.

Find him here.