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*************The Unofficial Mamod And Other Steam Forum *************

     The Unofficial Mamod And Other Steam Forum.


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****(PLEASE NOTE.  Mamodforums should not be confused with any other over restricted, badly administered, idle or dead forums/ bulletin boards. Mamodforums is a unique, truly global thriving forum which deals with all makes of toy and model steam engines.)****

Mamodforums is accepted by all serious hobbyists as, by far, the biggest, the best and the most popular quality global toy and model steam forum on the net. It is free to join and free of annoying adds.  As the original undisputed world leader, it has set the standard for the hobby, in a spirit of openness and honesty, for over ten years, and has the trust of the toy and model steam community both on and off the net. No other site can come close to providing the help and services that are available to forum members. Mamodforums is accepted world wide as the honest internet voice of toy and model steamers. It is also the only forum that enthusiasts can turn to for first hand news of the latest releases from major companies like Mamod, Wilesco and Jensen etc. Mamodforums also prides itself on being run for the members interests and not the administration, as in some failed forums.

Mamodforums members can also avail themselves of an extensive range of forum merchandise, including key rings, badges, Mugs, Hats and T Shirts. All of which sport the familiar unique forum logo. These can be seen worn by many members at all the main toy steam venues throughout the year, as seen below.


 Mamodforums is an honest, busy, thriving forum, with major input numbering many hundreds of interesting posts twenty four hours a day, every day, throughout the year. Members can post in a free and easy atmosphere, without interference from an oppressive and restrictive admin regime, as practiced elsewhere.  As expected of the cream of the crop, every make and model is covered, not just a couple of British makes,  and our "real" global experts are only too happy to help in any way. Nothing baffles these guys. The forum welcomes everyone with an interest in steam of any sort and has a popular full size section, covering road, rail and marine steam, for those who prefer the larger engines. The forum has a great social side as well, with many exclusive formal and informal events taking place throughout the year. 


As the original  and only successful toy and model steam forum, it has attracted support from most of the main manufacturers, recognised expert collectors, spares providers, and gifted engineers from all over the world, so if you want a top quality decal or just that hard to get spare part, this is the only forum that can help. The reference section is a treasure trove of practical information for discerning restorers and archivists of all model types and makes, and is globally accepted by top experts, as the main source of accurate, useful toy steam information anywhere on the net.  

With over 2,600 members from all over the globe, who have written well over a million relevantinteresting and humorous posts, Mamodforums is globally recognised as the only friendly place for steam hobbyists to hang out.


Any troublemakers, (including one mentally challenged uneducated Plymouth council worker, who is well known and universally abhorred on all internet toy steam forums, including facebook ) are kept well away by a dedicated, efficient and experienced admin group known as the forum team, who are committed to honest and transparent administration on behalf of the membership.  Part of the appeal is that any attempt to misuse the public boards in order to hurl abuse at others, so prevalent in the maladministration of another badly run failed hate forum, is simply not allowed. This forum is built on mutual tolerance and respect, and as such, hosts some of the biggest recognised names in the hobby.


Many competitions and prize draws are held over the year, and the forum hosts the biggest on line steam show in the world, “Steam Toys World Wide Weekend,” which is a feast of global toy steam as well as a chance to win some of the biggest prizes going.


Under the logo "Sandman Steam Productions", this forum is also the only place that you can obtain “quality” in depth DVD coverage of  premier toy steam events such as “Steam Toys In Action”. The forum annual DVD covers many events over the year and also features “Steam Toys Lincs” and “Junction 26” which are established forum events in their own right. Professionally produced, this is another service afforded to forum members only, and has been favourably reviewed in the popular magazine, "Toy Steam News".


 Mamodforums generous global members have raised many thousands of pounds for childrens charity Rainbows Hospices, and continues to support this worthy cause, with the support of the Mamod company.


 Here are just a few of many hundreds of member’s testimonials from the world over.

This forum has, and will always occupy a special place in my heart. It's members are more than just Internet buddies and I find myself always coming back to the warmth of the posts and the humour of its writers. 


"There can be no doubt that this is THE toy steam forum. Soon after I joined this one I also went through the sign up process for another toy steam forum. My application for membership evidently wasn't much of a priority for them. This forum was open and friendly from the start."


“Thanks to all the team for making this the amazing place that it is. I've never witnessed such friendliness and generosity anywhere on the Internet.”


“This place is a part of my home and all members are my extended family, I can not come even close to describing just how wonderful this place has been for me.”


“Eight days from now will mark my one year anniversary as a member of The Unofficial Mamod & Other Steam Forum, and I have enjoyed every second of it.
I have had nothing but good experiences here.”


“This is the best forum on the net because it's run by great people and has fantastic members from around the world.”


“Simply the best place to be!”


That about says it all. If you want to be a part of the best, friendliest,  and only successful toy and model steam forum on the net, simply click on   The only forum to honestly serve the global toy and model steam community.

Sandy Hunter--Site Webmaster And Forum Moderator

                  Proud to serve the international toy steam community.