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Large Bing Project

This lot of parts came as a spare parts deal, but the jury is out as to whether I'll try to rebuild the engine again. It's tempting to be sure, but it will depend on sourcing the parts I need. That is sometimes very difficult when restoring older engines we'll just have to wait and see.

Luton Bowman PW203

The to do list gets longer with this rather nice Luton Bowman PW203. Although the base has some paint loss, there is no rust as it's made of aluminium. The lacquer on the brass is mostly gone, so I'll remove what's left and polish the boiler and running gear.

The burner's paint has seen better days as well, and needs a facelift to make it presentable. All in all, this should turn out to be quite an eye catcher.


Large Bing

Now that the Jensen is finished, the next project will be a large Bing that I acquired from ebay recently. It has a replacement safety valve weight and drain tap, but the rest is pretty original.

I haven't identified or dated it yet, but I will do so soon. It came missing it's burner, but that will be resolved, as a member of the forum is sending me one, along with other spares. I have run this one on air, and although it runs fine, I think there may be a bit of tweaking required to sort out a movement of the flywheel from side to side.

The pic below is how I received it, so there's a bit of cleaning and fettling before she's show ready. Again, this is a pointer to how my collection is swaying towards the old German engines.

First run on air can be found here :-

The pic below shows the engine beside my Luton Bowman PW201 to give a true impression of the size of the Bing.