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Other Engines.

Cyldon 13-3


This is the first stationary engine I bought outside the Bowman and Mamod realms.

 As my interest grows and I gain more knowlege from my more experienced friends in the hobby, I find myself wishing to expand my collection to some of the wonderfull engines produced by other manufacturers.

This was also my first attempt at chimney making. Not great but better than nothing.

Cyldon burners are a work of art.

This is a lovely smooth running engine and one that sits well with my collection.

Cyldon 13-2

This Cyldon is very interesting as it features the semi rotative valve. It's a pretty unique layout and very collectable.

Made around 1946, this engine works well as long as a good head of steam is maintained via the three wick burner.

This is another engine that I plan to leave as it is.

Luton Bowman PW201


I bought this beauty as part of a bid for two engines on ebay. It was covered in brushed black gloss paint, and the firbox was twisted and dented. The burner was also missing.

A full restoration was required.

When I finished the work required, my good friend Chuck from Detroit U.S.A. gave me the correct burner when we met in May 2007.

It requires the proper decal to finish it off, but I'm sure I'll get one soon.

Luton Bowmans should not be confused with the earlier Bowman brand.

Luton Bowman PW203

Bought on a whim, this engine has only had a cursory clean up and will be revisited soon.

 I plan to make a burner to suit, and tidy up one or two things. As my expertise grows, I plan on using my new found skills to revisit jobs that were beyond my means at the start.

 One of the parts I had to make for this one was the boiler retaining clip which was missing when it arrived.

Luton Bowman PW 202

This little engine is totally original. It is one of the hardest Lutons to locate, and I've to thank my forum friend MM for alerting me to its existence.

It is a wonderfully smooth runner, and one of my favourites.

I do not plan to do anything other than give it a light coating of oil for preservation purposes.

SEL 1550 Major

I bought this little engine for spares a couple of years ago. It was in a sorry state with both boiler end caps leaking, and the base deeply pitted with rust.

I decided to rescue it by doing a partial restoration. I filled and repainted the base, fixed the boiler and generally cleaned it up.

She runs very well and is now a worthy addition to the Steamshack.

Latimer Productions Plane L4


This little Latimer came in at a reasonable price due to a bad listing on ebay. It did not work well, and I called upon my good mate Mooseman to fix it .

It now runs well and is another engine I can add to my growing collection. It was made round about 1950 and is boxed although the box has seen better days.

 I don't plan on doing anything with this one at the present time.