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Bowman Steam Engines.

 Bowman M101 

This is my biggest Bowman and one of my most treasured. It is also the first engine I needed to make spare parts to complete. It required an oiler tap, a regulator handle and the boiler stay needed replacing. 


The only part that I needed to repaint was the firebox.


Needless to say I'm rather pleased with the result.

 Bowman M140 Twin

 This was my first expensive Bowman and one I really wanted.


This little twin shows the best of Bowman engineering in my opinion.


Although it was very dirty and had a lot of excess solder in various joints, I managed to clean her up.


She is now as you see her in the picture.




 Bowman M122

This is the latest of my acquisitions.

The Bowman M122 twin is a powerful and racy engine that for me encapsulates all that Bowman was. It is well designed and looks a thoroughbred in every way.

I had to make a lot of parts for this one including the burner, overflow plug, oiler taps and whistle handle. 

It has had a full resto.





 Bowman M135

 This is one of my Bowman 135s and again a favourite of mine. No Bowman collection is complete without one of these.



This was a semi resto with the base and the firebox repainted, the rest is original. (Decal courtesy of Mooseman)



The only part I needed to make was the oiler tap.



Bowman M167 

This little Bowman is not seen much. It was very much sold as an entry level engine and has a simple yet functional design.



This particular engine has only been cleaned up. No restoration has been attempted at all.



The chimney is not original, but as came with the engine, I decided to leave it, as it is part of its history. 



Bowman M175 


This little Bowman is one of the smallest to feature a geared countershaft.



This one has only been cleaned and this particular picture was taken just after it had been steamed.



This was the first Bowman in my collection and retains a special position in my favourites for that reason.