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About Me.

My name is Sandy Hunter (Sandman) and I live in Ayrshire Scotland. I came to this hobby quite by chance over ten years ago.

Since then I have become addicted to this wonderful hobby of toy steam, and have amassed quite a collection of engines.

I tend to favour old stationary engines such as Bowman, Mamod, Cyldon and Mersey, although I do have a few nice mobiles as well. My latest foray into the steam toy world has yielded some wonderful old German engines such as Marklin, Bing, Doll and Falk, and these now feature on the site. 

Please take a look in the new Video Gallery, where you'll find videos of my engines under steam. More of my quality videos can be found on my youtube channel at

Also, the new section on Wilesco engines shows my interest in the bigger more powerful Wilescos.

My new accessories page will keep tabs on my progress in gathering tools to put my engines to work.

I now try to make most of the spare parts I need in my little workshop, with help and guidance of my friends on the forum WWW.MAMODFORUMS.CO.UK   This is the original and "only" serious international toy steam forum on the internet, where you'll find the real experts, engineers and big names in the hobby, plus all the help you'll ever need. (See the "Toy Steam Forum" page for more details.)

Under the "Sandman Steam Productions" logo, I produce top quality toy steam DVDs for Mamodforums members only.

I am privileged to have been chosen as a moderator of this forum and can recommend a visit to anyone with an interest in steam, or toy steam, as a hobby.

I would also like to thank all my steam friends on the forum for making this site and my collection possible.

That's about it, so all that's left for me to say is, I hope you enjoy your visit to my world of toy steam.


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           Welcome To The Steam Shack

                    Proud to serve the international toy steam community.



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